Jan 22

All Inclusive Family Holidays in June

Find Me All Inclusive Family Holidays in June

The latest challenge set me is to find an All Inclusive Family Holiday in June.  2 Adults and 1 child, departing from London between the 15th and 19th June, and staying away for 10 days.  The hotel should be 3-4 Star, and have a kids pool.  The total budget is £1100.

The only website I could find offering All Inclusive Family Holidays meeting this criteria is On The Beach.

Cheap All Inclusive Family Holidays

They have two 3 Star holidays to the Algarve, departing 15th June for 10 days, which come in at under £900 and under £1032.

Checking Spain, there are 3 Star holidays on Costa Brava for under £800, and 4 Star Holidays from about £965.

If any of these holiday offers take your fancy, then just visit the On The Beach to read more and to book.

Sep 17

Find me a Last Minute All Inclusive 5 Star Holiday

Last Minute Luxury All Inclusive Holidays

One of my readers has been let down by their holiday company who have double-booked their holiday, so they are now looking for a last minute one week all inclusive holiday at a 5 Star hotel/resort, leaving this coming Sunday. The total budget for 2 adults is £1400.

I have a few ideas for them below.

Sharm El Sheikh has the largest selection of holidays meeting this criteria. Although the UK Government currently recommends only essential travel to most of Egypt, this Red Sea resort is outside this area but you are recommended to follow Government Travel Advice. See Egypt Travel Advice for the latest information.

The best deals to the Sharm El Sheikh are from LowCostHolidays, with matching holidays starting at £1083 in total, including baggage, transfers and insurance.

Turkey is also on offer from LowCostHolidays, with their 5 Star secret all inclusive holiday just £1339 in total, including transfers, baggage and insurance.

Another option is Crete, where On The Beach comes in just above budget at approximately £1500.

Tenerife is another option from On The Beach, although this is stretching the budget at about £1510 including baggage and transfers.

These two sites are the best I have found, and further options may be available if you research specific destinations in Greece or Spain.


LowCostHolidays All Inclusive

Aug 09

Find me a Family Holiday to Majorca – All Inclusive Please

Cheapest All Inclusive Family Holidays to Majorca

I have been set the challenge of finding an all inclusive holiday for a family of four to Majorca, during the Summer Holidays, at a total party price of £2000 for two weeks.  The children are aged 2 and 4 years old, and the flights must be from Manchester.  The family needed to leave anytime between 11th August and 18th August, in order to return no later than 1st September

It didn’t take me long to work out that we would need some compromises to satisfy this family’s requirements. 

Cheapest Holiday meeting all the criteria was £2261 from LowCostHolidays.

I assumed the two week duration was not negotiable, so I looked at how close I could get to meet this challenge.

Although I couldn’t quite meet the £2000 challenge, LowCostHolidays came the closest.  The other companies I checked were On The Beach, First Choice and Thomson Holidays.

LowCostHolidays comes in cheapest, offering flights from Manchester overnight on 14th August, returning 29th August, and staying all inclusive at the 3 star Palma Bay, including transfers and four bags in the hold.  Total family price of £2532.

LowCostHolidays has another holiday available, staying at the 3 star Caribbean Bay Hotel instead, with a Total Family Price of £2261.  The other characteristics of the holiday (including transfers and 4 checked in bags) remain the same.  As the four checked bags costs £176 in total, there is scope to shave a little off this if you can share bags.

On The Beach has a number of two week all inclusive holidays to Majorca for a few hundred pounds more for the whole party, so may also be worth a look.

Surprisingly, the all inclusive specialist First Choice wasn’t much help in this instance.  The only holiday they could offer that met every other criteria was in Magaluf and cost over £4000.


Cheapest All Inclusive Majorca Holidays

Jul 28

Find me a Cheap 5 Star Christmas / New Year Holiday for Four

5 Star Christmas and New Year Holiday Bargains

I have been set a challenge to find the best 5 Star Holiday over the Christmas and New Year period for a group of four.  They wish to find a self-catering holiday for 1 week, departing on or after 23rd December 2013, returning no later than 2nd January 2014, and have a total budget of £ 1800.

This proved quite a challenge.  It is the combination of 3 bedrooms, which for a hotel means 2 people each with their own double room, that puts pressure on the budget with the 5 star requirement.

A villa holiday gives the best option for coming within budget.

  • Villa holiday to Portugal or Spain, including flights, with James Villas.  By filtering on those properties rated 5 out of 5 by visitors, prices start at £ 1408, or just £ 352 per person.  These depart on 23rd December 2013.

    Follow this link to James Villas and use the filter on the left to home in on the right price and customer rating.

Villa holidays can be a great choice for groups looking for self catering accommodation on holiday.

Apr 02

Make The Most Of Travel With Teens

One of the best things parents can do with teenagers is travel. Even though this experience can be quite challenging for parents, when managed well trips taken with teenagers can be fun-filled and yield a lifetime of happy memories. Teens are old enough and mature enough to take on some interesting and challenging destinations without needing the sort of care and ‘looking after’ required by younger children. In this article, we will introduce some ideas to help you make the most of travel with teens.

Make sure your trip is a team effort. Involve your teens in the planning of the trip right from the start. Gather travel information and go over it together. Check out guidebooks at the library, watch videos online and find out all you can about the places you are considering visiting. Once you have settled on a destination, work together to choose activities everyone will enjoy and plan an itinerary that is comfortable for all travelers. Actively engage your teens in conversation about your upcoming trip. Ask for their assistance in learning about specific attractions. When on the road, give your teens tasks to accomplish such as map reading, navigating, taking photos or keeping a diary of your journey.

Consider the benefits of organized travel, such as cruises and tours. Most teens like being part of a group. You could have your teens seek out interesting package tours online to comprise at least a portion of your trip. Package tours and cruises are nice for parents and teens because they generally offer lots of activities and choices in a safe setting. If you are planning a long family journey, a short cruise in the midst of it may give everyone a much needed break and breather.

Remember the point of traveling together as a family. Your goals are to enjoy one another’s company and have quality family time and to enjoy and learn about new and different places and peoples. For this reason, teens should not bring along MP3 players, iPads, handheld computer games and so forth. They should be encouraged to enjoy the travel destination and the company instead. This may present some challenges at first, but if you have planned a truly interesting and engaging trip, your teens should get over their withdrawal symptoms pretty quickly.

Be sure to make plans that will provide privacy and quiet time for everyone in your party. If you are staying at hotels or motels, book adjoining rooms. If you are camping, bring plenty of tents so that each camper can have space and privacy. This is also a good idea for RV travel. Having a few pup tents on hand that can be set up near the RV can add welcome space for rest and relaxation.

Even though you want to enjoy your travel to the fullest, remember to schedule adequate downtime. If you spend your entire vacation rushing from one attraction or event to another, you will end up stressed and frazzled. Be sure to get plenty of rest during your vacation. Limit the number of things you do in a day and plan wisely so that you don’t spend a lot of time traveling from one thing to another during any given day. Finish up your day early enough to enjoy a good meal and some quiet time on most evenings.

Traveling and learning about new and different places can be an important part of teens transition from childhood to adulthood. By including your teens in every part of your trip from start to finish and making certain they are able to enjoy and appreciate the experience without distraction, you can have pleasant and enjoyable time. Follow the tips presented here to make the most of traveling with your teens.

Jun 07

Cheap All Inclusive Holidays

Cheap All Inclusive Holidays from OnTheBeach

There are more great all inclusive holiday deals to be discovered from On The Beach.

Cheap All Inclusive Beach Holidays

We have only just discovered this company, but we’ll be checking back regularly as they are great news for those in search of amazing all inclusive holiday offers. Just take a look at some of the examples below:

  • Fuerteventura – 4 Sunrise Jandia Resort (for Families) – Flying from Liverpool – July from £211 pp
  • Costa Brava – 3 Santa Susanna Resort (for Families) – Flying from Stansted – August from £222 pp
  • Corfu – 4 Aqualand Resort (for Families) – Flying from Prestwick – August from £346 pp
  • Turkey – 4 Sun Love (for Couples) – Flying from Gatwick – July from £347 pp
  • Tenerife – 3 Palia Don Pedro (for Couples) – Flying from Manchester – June from £318 pp
  • Sharm – 3 Creative Badawia (for Couples) – Flying from Doncaster – June from £416 pp

If any of these holiday offers take your fancy, then just visit the On The Beach to read more and to book

Jun 07

Bargain All Inclusive Holidays

Bargain All Inclusive Holidays from LowCostHolidays

Cheap All Inclusive Holidays

Lowcostholidays.com certainly know how to tempt us with their latest all inclusive holiday bargains!

They have a terrific sale at the moment, offering some really amazing all inclusive deals which are especially attractive for those who are not tied to taking a break during the school holidays.

Just take a look at some of the all inclusive deals below, and if you are tempted just click through to Lowcostholidays.com, review the full selection of offers and then book your all inclusive holiday bargain.

  • Hotel Atismar – 3 Star – Quarteira, Algarve – 8 Dec ’12 – 7 nts – All Inclusive – was £228.75, now £183.00
  • Club Lyda Hotel – 4 Star – Gouves, Crete – 15 Jun ’12 – 7 nts – All Inclusive – was £296.47, now £252.00
  • Cay Beach Caleta – 4 Star – Caleta De Fuste, Fuerteventura – 13 Jun ’12 – 7 nts – All Inclusive – was £447.50, now £358.00
  • Aparthotel Ilios – 4 Star – Tingaki, Kos – 19 Jul ’12 – 7 nts – All Inclusive – was £463.53, now £394.00
  • El Olf Las Palmas – 4 Star – Hammamet Yasmine, Tunisia – 24 Jun ’12 – 7 nts – All Inclusive – was £501.88, now £401.50

If these sound appealing, why not take a closer look at the holidays on offer from Lowcostholidays.com and grab a great all inclusive holiday deal before they are snapped up by other holiday makers.

Apr 07

Cruising Secrets for a Safe Cruise

Cruising Secrets for a Safe Cruise

Cruising has become a popular form of holiday travel for many people. This type of vacation is fun, all-inclusive and has many advantages. But as is the case with any form of travel, there are precautions you should take to remain as safe as possible.

Thomson Cruise Banner 468x60

Shortly after boarding the cruise ship, either before or after it leaves the dock, there should be a drill where you are required to report to a lifeboat station. Crew members will be available to tell you where you should go in the unlikely event of an emergency that necessitates evacuation of the ship. They will also demonstrate the correct way to wear a life jacket, and they may also pass on other safety information. You and your party should ensure you make time to attend this drill. Should the worst happen, you will be glad you did.

When on board the ship, it is always wise to avoid any areas where you will be alone. Sadly, even on a cruise holiday, there may be people aboard who are either unstable or dishonest, and they may try to harm or rob you. Remain cognizant of your surroundings, and try to stay in well-lit areas in which other people have congregated in order to avoid any unpleasant encounters with unsavoury characters.

You can expect your ship to dock in several ports during your cruise vacation. When this occurs, you have the opportunity to disembark and do some sightseeing, shopping or exploring on your own or with a guided tour. Try not to go off on your own when you go ashore. There is safety in numbers. Not only that, but you are less likely to get lost if you are with other fellow cruisers from your ship.

While it is wise to keep any of you valuables in the ship’s safe, having someone else walk off with your belongings can cause you to be inconvenienced at the very least, and may result in the loss of extremely valuable jewelry or even money. So, keep yourself and your possessions safe by remembering to lock your cabin door.

There are many opportunities on cruises to eat, drink and be merry, but do not overdo it. Overeating and drinking to excess can result in you becoming ill and not being able to enjoy part of your cruise. If you drink too much, not only might you become sick, but you may engage in behavior that you may regret. You want to have good memories from your cruise, not bad ones, so try not to ruin it by overdoing your merrymaking.

Cruising can be a fun and economical way to holiday. Use common sense to help you and your family remain safe and healthy, and you are sure to have a blast! Happy Cruising!


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